Cars of the Estonian Minister of the Interior and an anti-Putin journalist were attacked

08.12.2023 13:05

This morning was revealed that the personal car windows of the Estonian Minister of the Interior, Lauri Läänemets, were smashed. The same happened to the car of the Russian Delfi (the most-read news portal in the country) editor-in-chief, Andrei Chumakov. Chumakov's neighbor noticed the smashed windows of his car this morning.

Tonight, the personal car windows of Minister of the Interior Lauri Läänemets were shattered. According to Delfi, a police patrol is on-site, dealing with the incident, and additional security has been dispatched.
Former Minister of the Interior, Andres Anvelt, commented on the incident, stating that so far, threats against government members in settling scores have been mostly verbal. He said, "In this case, the physical protection methods of government officials need to be seriously reconsidered. This also involves their families. Additionally, it is natural that family members use private cars," he noted.

Anvelt pointed out that the Ministry of the Interior currently oversees several credible crises, one of the broader ones being related to the Russian border. "It must be taken into account that, for example, in this crisis, the Russian media narrative clearly accuses Estonia of wanting to close the borders, although the actual migration crisis is caused by Russia itself. This narrative has created significant opposition to the Estonian state in many local Russian-language social media groups, for example. It's just one of the security issues that fall under the Ministry of the Interior," he explained. "In the presence of manifestations of hybrid warfare, it must be clearly understood that the first line of defense is internal security and its management."

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