Estonia is sending more Javelins to Ukraine

14.12.2023 16:25
Heidi Saar

Estonia is sending more Javelin anti-tank missiles and additional military aid to Ukraine. Estonia was among the first countries to send Javelins to Ukraine during the initial Russian invasion. The Estonian government, led by Minister of Defense Hanno Pevkur, has approved a proposal to provide long-term military assistance to Ukraine, aiming to support its defense against Russian aggression.

The military aid package includes Javelin anti-tank missiles, vessels, and various equipment. Minister Pevkur stated that, similar to the pivotal role played by Estonian Javelins in defending Kyiv last year, the goal is to demonstrate ongoing support for Ukraine's fight for freedom. The aid package, valued at approximately €80 million, encompasses a range of items such as machine guns, ammunition, vehicles, vessels, and diving equipment.

For security reasons, specific quantities are not disclosed, but Pevkur clarified that the aid is designed to benefit Ukraine without compromising Estonia's defense capabilities. He emphasized the strategic message of sustained support until Ukraine achieves victory, highlighting the broader implications for Estonian, transatlantic, and global security.
Estonian analysts propose a transatlantic defense strategy, suggesting that allocating 0.25 percent of supporting countries' annual GDP to Ukraine could ensure victory over Russia. Estonia commits to allocating 0.25 percent of its GDP over the next four years, using defense budget funds for this purpose.

Pevkur emphasized the importance of supporting Ukraine, viewing each war machine destroyed as a step toward reducing the Russian threat to Europe. Estonia's commitment to Ukraine since 2022, including the latest aid package, totals €500 million, approximately 1.4 percent of its GDP.
Past aid packages from Estonia to Ukraine have included various military equipment such as Javelin anti-tank missile systems, howitzers, artillery ammunition, anti-tank mines, mortars, machine guns, vehicles, communication gear, field hospitals, medical supplies, protective gear, and military rations.

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