Estonia seized Titanic researcher's submarine robot that was bound for Russian waters

26.09.2023 12:05

The underwater robot Argus was used to explore the Titanic wreck at a depth of four kilometers. By the Estonian procecutors it was intended to be taken to the Russian waters.

The State Prosecutor's Office is investigating the import of the Titanic researchers' remotely operated submarine robot Argus into Estonia. Customs authorities found the Argus, produced in Norway, in the port of Paldiski. The discovery was not publicly disclosed at first.

Now, the State Prosecutor's Office has confirmed to newspaper Eesti Ekspress that according to the investigation, the underwater robot was "intended to be taken into the territorial waters of the Russian Federation."

The Estonian Tax and Customs Board is handling a criminal case related to Argus. The investigation was initiated under of the Penal Code, which deals with the illegal transportation of strategic goods and the illegal provision of services related to strategic goods.
Charges have been brought against one individual and one company in connection with the crime.

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