Estonian defence expert: Russia still able to replenish its war losses

13.02.2024 11:50
Heidi Saar

Russia has the capacity to produce enough munitions and military equipment, as well as mobilize sufficient troops, to replenish its losses in Ukraine. However, without a significant increase in Western aid to Ukraine, there's a risk Russia could gradually overpower Ukraine, say Estonian senior defense expert.

Despite Ukraine's determined defense, Russia's progress is slow but steady, consuming a lot of resources in the process.

Russia maintains an edge in this prolonged conflict. Last year, it produced 3.5 million shells, with expectations to increase this to 4 million this year, according to Colonel Ants Kiviselg, commander of the Estonian Defense Forces' Defense Intelligence Center. Russia's ability to produce 10,000 shells daily and its successful conscription of around 300,000 people last year indicate its capability to sustain its military efforts.

Colonel Kiviselg told ERR’s radio that Russia's resources are far from depleted, and it's unlikely they'll face a scenario where losses exceed their replenishment capabilities in the near future. 

The Ukrainians are coming under an immense amount of pressure, Col. Kiviselg, added, yet the situation is far from hopeless.

"If the West would actually do what they have pledged to many times over, i.e. support Ukraine for as long as is necessary, there is no doubt that Ukraine could win this so-called war of attrition."

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