Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs updates travel warning: avoid travelling to Russia!

30.11.2023 15:30
Heidi Saar

The Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has renewed its travel warning on Russia and recommends to avoid travelling to Russia altogether, as due to possible migratory pressure Estonia may temporarily close its border crossing points at short notice.

If a particular border crossing point is closed, it will not be possible to return to Estonia through it. Citizens temporarily staying in Russia are asked to consider the necessity of staying in Russia and return to Estonia if possible. Estonian-Russian dual nationals are treated as Russian citizens by the Russian Federation and Estonia has limited possibilities to provide consular assistance, including in matters related to mobilisation.

At border crossings, there have been cases of Russian border guards checking the personal electronic devices of border crossers and their content, including social media posts.

Consular assistance is now only available from the Estonian Embassy in Moscow, where, for example, if you lose your passport, you will have to go in person to obtain a temporary travel document to leave the country.

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