Support needed! Help the Ukraine rescuers in the hardest areas

02.05.2024 14:05

In the means of civilian rescue, the Kharkiv and Poltava regions of Ukraine are the most affected by Russian aggression. Due to the extreme situation of the rescuers in Kharkiv, everything wears out quickly, and there is a shortage of everything. At the same time, very little help reaches them.

Karol Sepik, who has been in contact with Ukrainian rescuers since the beginning of the war and has sought and sent them help, wants to take already gathered equipment directly to Kharkiv and Poltava rescuers.

The shipment was put together by volunteer rescuers from Finland and Estonia, who collected help from all over the country. It includes safety equipment, rescue equipment, medical equipment and supplies, and various battery tools. The value of the shipment reaches more than 70,000 euros, and the size requires a truck for transport. Shipment is currently located in Eestonia.

The estimated cost of the whole transport mission to Ukraine is €6,000. Anyone who is able to contribute can make a donation by bank transfer (keyword "Harkiv"): EE251010002058268002 Karol Sepik or via PayPal or visit GoGetFunding page.

Of course, material donations (fire rescue equipment, vehicles etc.) are also welcome, as we are short of everything, so call +3725290227 or email Together we are strong!

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