Unbelievable stories about russian tourists - they steal everything!

21.09.2023 16:45

We publish the spicier memories from the Estonians, who have met the russian tourists in person.

Gerda: "On our first trip to Turkey, we had a young guy at the hotel who spoke Russian and tried the doorhandles of all the cars on the street. I think the age of this young man was 12 at most, and his mother never forbade him when he tried to open the doors."

Merike: "The year was 1982. The SU flight Constanta-Leningrad was inspected by the hotel's request. Some Leningraders had packed bedclothes and everything that could be taken from the bathroom into bags. Some of the stuff was packed in a bag made of a stolen blanket - 4 corners tied together. Only the TV stayed in the room, it was too big. It was 40 years ago!"

Aivar: "I once worked in the buffet of a Swedish ship, and quite often I had to tame these looters. In response, they claimed that they had paid and that is their right!
Once one couple rushed in the restaurant and started scooping up food. When I went to ask for the tickets and reservation, of course they didn't have it. The Russians were always full of surprises... in a bad way."

Irina: "We were in Norway and had booked a stay at the campsite. When we arrived, they apologized profusely and said that there was a Russian group there before us, who had stolen everything during the night... from TVs to bed sheets. So, we got another place to stay."

Maire: "I saw with my own eyes when the Russian babushka at the buffet put food in boxes, chicken drumsticks and all kinds of other things. Could feed at least ten people! There must be worse hunger in Russia than in Africa."

Annika: "By the pool, they explain in a loud voice as if there are no others and when eating they act like it's the last day. Belarusians are the same. In the worst case, they climb to the poolside with their boombox and turn the music so loud that the rest of the crowd has to listen to it too. I have personally seen such a thing.”

Riina: "Once I worked in a hotel and there was a Family Physicians seminar. Even the soup went from the buffet to the handbag. So some were doing small talk and the soup was drpping from the handbag."

Kaie: "While on the trip, the Russians ate from a buffet table, the plates were horribly stuffed and they ate just a little from it and went to get a new one. The table was dirty and full of plates.
Why they crab and waste the food.?"

Merily: "We have a lot of Russians at work, soap disappears at an amazing speed, and plasters from first aid cabinets are a hot commodity."

Kadi: "In Sharm in January, an old Russian man couldn't haul away the buffet stuff in any other way than he asked for cardboard and cling film from the kitchen and made a "suitcase" for apples and pears."

Maire: "I recently saw this in a hotel in Tartu, during breakfast. A Russian-speaking couple sat alone at a table for 4 people, and the whole table was full of food. The woman shoveled to make sandwiches and stuffed them into the bag, and the man at the same time stuffed boiled eggs, pastries and everything else that could fit into his waist bag. The man went away, apparently emptied his belt pouch, came back and everything started again. And the woman went to bring more food.”

Elerin: "Well, when I went on a trip to Turkey in the spring, it was still terrible to see how the food was wasted. Whole fish and crabs were left uneaten at the table."

Sirje: "I remember from soviet times that when you took the laundry outside to dry, you had to stay on guard. Tourist buses also stopped at the parking lot a few dozen meters away. And if a bus had a Pskov or Leningrad number plate, it was guaranteed that something went missing. Residents of the surrounding houses kept complaining that some things had disappeared from the clothesline after the buses had left."

Katrin: "The Russians took even the pots and pans with them when they left the rental house of the Himos ski center in Finland. Everything else too."

Tiina: "At Christmas time in the summer capital, we were eating at the pizza restaurant, and we all saw how a 30-35-year-old Russian couple stuffed the buns, which you could take free, into the handbag, so that it swoll up. The woman got up, left and came back with an empty bag. A new filling has started."

Jaanus: "In a Turkish hotel the entire selection teabags was stolen on the first day. And the second thing that was done was stealing from the wine fridge. As the waiter walked away from the fridge, the fridge was stormed."

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