VIDEO: General Ben Hodges: Russia's only hope in Ukraine is a Trump presidency

26.09.2023 16:40

Renowned retired General Ben Hodges, the former commanding general of the United States Army Europe, has voiced an intriguing perspective on Russia's current strategy and its hopes for the future.

Speaking on Estonian National Television's foreign affairs show "Valisilm," Hodges shed light on Russia's tactics in Ukraine, emphasizing its reliance on the possibility of Donald Trump securing a second term as President of the United States.
Hodges stated, "I think that right now for the Russians, their only hope is to hold on for as long as they can and to hope that there is a Trump presidency. So, that's a long time, right, I don't think they can do it." This assessment underscores Russia's perceived dependency on a change in U.S. leadership to potentially reduce support for Ukraine, aligning with their own interests.

The next U.S. presidential election is scheduled for November 2024, meaning that Russia's aspirations for a Trump presidency would require patience and perseverance.
In addition to discussing Russia's hopes for a change in U.S. leadership, General Hodges also delved into several other critical aspects of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. He highlighted the purpose of the Ukrainian counter-offensive, the significant grain shipments from Ukraine, which Russia has been unable to halt, and he criticized the pace of weapons deliveries as well as Western political will in addressing the situation.

General Hodges expressed a strategy for pressuring President Putin, saying, "The way we help President Putin realize he has lost is for the 54 nations that are supporting Ukraine to all say, 'We want Ukraine to win, and we are committed to Ukraine winning, and we are going to do whatever it takes.' Then I think he knows he lost."
Hodges' insights offer a unique perspective on the dynamics of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the role that international support and the U.S. presidential election may play in shaping the future of the region.

To hear more from General Hodges, you can watch the full interview below, with most of it conducted in English after the initial 30-second introduction.


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