VIDEO: Estonian police ordered local russians to remove provocative messages from their cars

24.09.2023 01:35

A certain group in Estonia had the desire to showcase on their cars that they are russians. They prominently affixed "I am Russian" (Я русский) on their rear windows. The police instructed them to remove the messages.

Indeed, years ago, such expression might have seemed innocent, but today, we all understand what is intended by it.

"Previously, this car also had "Unit Against Nazism" written on it - this is already a clear expression of Z-idiots. There is no place for such behavior in Estonia. The country is currently hosting many Ukrainian war refugees. One can only imagine how they might feel when seeing such individuals," is commented by the witnesses.

A conflict erupted between two groups in Estonian capital Tallinn when a car with a provocative message parked there. When people saw the car, someone in the apartment building raised a Ukrainian flag in the window, and as a result, a group of people started throwing stones at the apartment window. Some time later, one letter was also removed from the text on the car's window. The police explained to the car owner that the message on the car was provocative and needed to be removed. The driver removed the message.

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