Estonia 'seriously' discussing sending troops to Ukraine

14.05.2024 12:20
Kairi Saar

The Estonian government is seriously considering sending troops to western Ukraine to take on support roles, like medical services or logistics, so that Ukrainian forces can focus on frontline combat.

The national security advisor to the president, Madis Roll, told to Breaking Defence that Estonia prefers doing this as part of a full NATO mission but is also open to smaller coalitions. Discussions are ongoing, and Roll noted that NATO nations might change their stance over time. “We should be looking at all the possibilities. We shouldn’t have our minds restricted as to what we can do.”

The Estonian President, Alar Karis, who is also the commander-in-chief, plays a significant role in this decision.The national security advisor to the Estonian president is the latest NATO nation official to weigh into the debate over the wisdom of foreign forces in Ukraine.

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