Estonian security expert: Russia has stockpiled a significant number of missiles for a powerful strike

02.05.2024 14:50

Estonian security expert Rainer Saks has calculated that Russia is stockpiling missiles as if preparing for a powerful strike in the near future.

"The Ukrainian military intelligence agency GUR has published data on the Russian army's missile stockpile. According to their information, the Russian army has as many as 400 Onyx anti-ship missiles. These can also be used to shoot down ground targets, but so far the Russian army has only used them on a few occasions. They are feared in Ukraine because, like the S-300 anti-aircraft missiles, they are very difficult to hit by air defences. Russia may be reluctant to use them because it needs them to protect its very long coastline. "

"In addition, according to GUR, Russia has about 20 Tsirkon anti-ship missiles. In addition, the Russian army has accumulated 270 Caliber cruise missiles, of which Russian industry is capable of producing about 30-40 more per month. Considering this production capacity and the fact that the Russian army has hardly used these missiles since last November, their stocks should be much higher."

"The GUR does not provide data on the stockpiles of Kinzhal aeroballistic missiles, Iskander ballistic missiles and various X-series guided missiles. It is mentioned that Russia has about 900 missiles that can fly more than 300 km. If you deduct 400 Onyx missiles, which Russia does not seem to be using in its attacks on Ukraine, that leaves around 500. "

"The number of air strikes carried out by Russia this year has not been very high compared to the previous year. As the Russian army is currently trying to carry out a major offensive on the fronts, it would be expected that this would be backed up by heavy missile attacks. It should therefore be concluded that major missile strikes are expected at any moment. The other opinion is that the number of missiles currently in Russia's arsenal is not considered sufficient to deploy them in large numbers at once. "

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